Karlene Ryan is a freelance illustrator, courtroom sketch artist and fine artist from London Ontario.  Her passion for art stemmed at an early age with much influence from her family and friends.  She attended Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario for the Art Fundamental one year certificate program in 2000.  She was accepted with advanced standing into second year at OCAD University's 4 year Illustration, design program.  Karlene graduated in 2005 from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design Degree, majoring in Illustration.  Some of her other studies included Anatomy at the University of Toronto Anatomy Lab, Advertising, Business Studies, Graphic Design and Photography.  Karlene began working for the local London, Ontario newspaper the London Free Press as a freelance illustrator/courtroom sketch artist during her third year at OCAD.  She has covered numerous court cases including a few high profile cases such as the Bandido’s Murder Trial as well as the Victoria Stafford murder trial.  She has worked for many clients such as CBC television, Global National, The Globe and Mail to name a few.  Her quick ability to capture a likeness has made Karlene’s work in the courtroom one of her great strengths. 

          Karlene enjoys drawing and painting from a vast array of subject material.  Some of her services include commercial design for product packaging, book illustration, doing murals for restaurants, holiday window painting, portraiture work, custom caricatures for weddings, retirement gifts, anniversaries and birthdays. She also teaches art classes through London Public Libraries, Oxford County Libraries and teaches individuals and groups private lessons.  She has a very keen eye for detail and is very good at adapting to each client’s specific needs; executing her artwork in a timely manner resulting in a dynamic final product. Karlene works both traditionally and digitally.  All of her work is done freehand including the digital art via the use of a drawing tablet.  Feel free to contact Karlene for any art inquiries at







  If you would like to view more of Karlene's work you can browse through her old website by clicking here.


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